Monthly curriculum calendar coming soon...

Monthly Classes include:


​Janne Henesaw is sharing music with the children once a month.  She is singing songs for dancing, singing along, listening, and increasing awareness
of the world around us.

Yoga with Habitat Yoga

In Habitat Yoga's fun, exploratory classes, we embark on imaginative yoga adventures, combining simple yoga poses with engaging songs, stories, puppets and games. At the preschool level, we focus on exercises that build social, sensory and motor skills, while also increasing flexibility and body awareness. In a class full of self-expression, our youngest students learn how release energy through movement, but also how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. These classes are especially helpful for little ones who have trouble sleeping or an excess of overflowing energy.

You can also link to the benefits here: http://www.habitatyoga.com/benefits/
And an overview of our method here: http://www.habitatyoga.com/kids-yoga/

*Please Note:  These classes are complementary to the Montessori curriculum and are offered at no extra charge during regular school hours.