What Our Families Say...

Ms. Marina is a gifted and rare gem of a teacher. She taught my daughter courage, self respect, and a genuine love for learning. Her adoration for Montessori is evident in everything she does. It is contagious. We are forever changed and grateful.
- ​Kami Suarez

My son, daughter and I were lucky enough to stumble across and 2 day a week Montessori course with Miss Marina a few years ago and we have missed her ever since the day we lost her.  The traditional cost of Montessori education is well out of my financial reach so I felt truly blessed to have stumbled across Marina. My two children have very different personalities. My daughter has always been joyful, wild and free even though she has always been strong willed. My son is sweet, kind and sensitive but with an explosive temper and very easily frustrated. The Montessori way of teaching gave them both an outlet to joyful learning and for my son a way to calm himself in a peaceful way that I hope will carry him through to adulthood.  Being from East Nashville and actively working in the neighborhood for years I've seen the growth of families here looking for a new way to educate their children. In talking to other local families I can't even begin to tell you what the wait list for an affordable Montessori Parent's Day out program is going to look like.  [Montessori] has enriched the life of my family in such a dramatic way, and I never would have been able to afford it had it been only offered for wealthy families. 
-Carrie Woodard

Marina is an experienced and joyful Montessori teacher, and she is passionate about Dr. Maria Montessori's child-centered educational method and philosophy. Marina's love and respect for children is evident in all that she does - whether she is teaching letters and numbers, emotional awareness, or how to put on one’s shoes. She creates a classroom environment that is happy and peaceful, where children feel safe to explore and discover and where 'mistakes' are seen as a natural part of learning. As a fellow Montessori teacher and a parent, I am thrilled to enroll my son at Marina's school - Ithaca Montessori!
- Valerie Platt, Montessori educator (AMS Early Childhood credential), M.Ed. Teacher Education